I graduated today from school and I can’t remember a better feeling than I have right now. My thoughts in the beginning was all over the place because I was so confused. But Bensenville has the best instructors. I had a very hard situation arise that had me out of school for almost 3 weeks. Susie the (BM) was awesome ! She reached out to me on a regular along with Stacey to make sure I was ok. They hugged and embraced me and helped me cope with everything going on in my personal life. When I returned Joe said u going all the way next week. I couldn’t believe it I didn’t think I was ready and was terrified. Well today is next week he worked the heck out of me but we did it. His firmness is what got me my CDL. He pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I’m forever grateful

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