Well, lol don’t where to begin…. We can start at the moment I decided to approach this career full throttle and was able to seek the benefits of what was needed. When I first appeared in front of 160 Academy the manager was absolutely wonderful. First Mr. Derek Strand then came Mrs. (lovely) Lolita. Which she handled much of my business with expertise and I thank you once again. Additionally, the staff on the yard was absolutely great I can tell you why starting with my first time yard experience. The yard was very well kept clean trucks were all operational and staff was always on time ready. Mr. Tony certified instructor, 160 did their best hiring this man best way to go. Mr. Tony not only taught me the safety of operating commercial vehicle but to enjoy what you love to do. Mr. Richard certified instructor, one thing I like about Mr. Richard is he’s very experienced on teaching skills, not only was I becoming perfect by being taught but I was able to focus on many situations inside a tractor. Mr. Richard allowed me to apply myself and was able to correct every thing that I was doing wrong which I soon perfected thanks to him. Now, Anthony certified instructor, good guy very well balanced and smart. This man actually cares in his heart how far you go in life especially doing want he loves as well. Anthony was very well connected and most time resourceful, also had high hopes for everyone when taking them tests. Ms. Debbie certified instructor, if only words could explain but this woman is very passionate and dedicated to her job. The very first time I met her she was enthusiastic about us learning g and getting things right. As far as her training goes very militant, strong minded, and encouraging with all her students. I wasn’t one of hers but I made it my business to receive some skills from and she took me in like I was one of hers. Ms. Debb cheered me on when taking my test and to make her proud of all her and everyone else’s hard work , I passed very first time. YES I DID!!! Mrs. Ronda certified instructor (soon promoted shhhhh) her energy and experience just gives me satisfaction and having that strength going on the road. Mrs. Ronda taught me to have confidence and getting home (SAFE), that was her main focus getting home safe. Now, Mr. Ron certified instructor, very talented man and fun to work with. Mr. Ron bout his business he don’t come to play at all he’s serious about his work and the nature of his students. Thanks for everyone help is done changed my life as a person, absolutely built my confidence as being a strong man, friend, most of all a great Father to my kids. Too emotional behind this career but thank you 160 Academy and staff for all that you’ve done to better me, my family, and most of all my future. I will love and truly miss you guys may the next man 🏆

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