My name is Santiago I want to give thanks to Brent Manager @160 Driving Academy in Anaheim CA. , He was straight forward with no BS from the start. He explained the program in full details. I would also like to thank the instructors Donovan ( Clutch neutral, Clutch gear !! ) for teaching me the driving skills needed to pass DMV road test and for basic math (1+5=6)x(2+5=7). I will always know what gear to be in if I miss a gear while shifting down. Clay and Nguyen DE thank you for the good advise and personal experiences you shared with me. Especially for making sure we learned the Pre-trip, Air Brake and Skills . I got my CDL on 7/18/22. Thanks to these three gentlemen, A personal and special THANK YOU!! to Nguyen De who on that day gave me the best Pep-talk and brought my stress level down and built my confidence up. He reminded me on what to look for and expect while on the road with the DMV examiner. DE I left the bag with my EGO at the entrance of the yard, never picked it up when I left. Thank you 160 Driving Academy Team!! My Trucking career starts NOW.. ONE AND DONE !!!!

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