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Best of the best

I had a great time there the trainers was outstanding hat down to Curtis 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Great class and instructors

I attended the Evansville location and worked with Kim, Steve, Rocky, Kelly, and Alex. Everyone was easy to work with and took the time to explain what it was that they wanted us to do. Communicating with Kim to get signed signed up for this school was by far easier than trying to get ahold of the other local school, plus 160 has more start dates, which means getting you started sooner and working with your schedule. My biggest hurdle with driving these trucks was learning the shift pattern and double clutching as this was different from the vehicles I've driven in the past. Kelly and Rocky both took the time to help me correct the issues, as well as giving me pointers going down the road and what to look for at turns. Alex was a big help on the pre-trip and air brakes. Originally, I thought this was going to be much harder, but I had most of it learned by my second or third day on the yard. Steve was great to work with. He was willing to work around my schedule as I needed to miss a couple of days of class for personal reasons, and he gave me some tips in the maneuvers that really paid off on the test day to ensure that I didn't get any points. I would definitely recommend this class (and already have) to anyone looking to get their CDL as they made sure I was prepared to pass the state exam. It was a relief the day of knowing that I didn't need to worry about the pre-trip, air brakes or maneuvers as I had practiced them enough in the weeks before to pass them with no points, allowing me to focus on the road drive and to get my Class A CDL on my first attempt.

Pure Excelence

During my time with 160, I noticed it was crucial to want to learn. There was a lot of course material to learn, but the instructors did a great job of explaining all of it. Tesla at the Moline branch was always super kind and did her best to make sure everything was scheduled adequately and timely. Out in the yard, Denise, Dennis and Mike were all very knowledgeable and did everything the could to make sure you understood what they were teaching you. I would definitely recommend 160 to anyone looking to get their CDL!

100% A GAME

This was a wonderful experience that trainers have knowledge and are the best at what they do I would highly recommend Connersville, Indiana 160 Drive Academy it is the top notch I drove from Indianapolis IN to Connersville IN every day until I tested out and received my CDL A.... 1 And Done A big shout out to everybody at the 160 drive Academy in Connersville Indiana location you're the best Thank you

It’s The Truth

Dope experience! 160 Driving Academy’s staff (office & the yard) are patient, informative, clear/concise & was very dedicated to helping us move along. I couldn’t have chosen a better school.

Schedule planning

My translucency driving was excellent they really do work with your schedule for example I worked night shift which was 10 to 6 and it was able to work around it so I was able to go to class without any hassle or problems and it was just a great experience all around.

5 stars

If you show up and do the work you will get through just fine great people and environment some of the people who helped me out a lot were Lawrence, my main man tony, Jennifer, parish, James, Gerald, Russell and more all and all great school great time.

Good experience

The one I want to thank as the instructors that help me pass and was patient with me Jimmy Jeremy and Tim all three work night class as Instructor is very patient and experienced willing to go above and beyond to help you pass I did a one and pass due to so much help from them very honest and willing to go above and beyond my examiner was Mr. Dan when I first met him he seemed nice and understanding he explain the rules very well he was very understanding nice patient and calm he made it more easier for me to drive and feel comfortable this is the best school to go to if you do not know anything about trucking I’ve been looking around for schools and this is the only best school I have seen I’m so Grateful of the school and everything they have done

Best school to go to

This the best school to go to if you don’t know none about trucks jimmy,Jeremy And Tim are good instructors on night classes schedule best person to learn from if you don’t know anything about trucks And Dan was a cool and relaxing person to be around as an examiner this is a very good school to go to out of every school I looked in to

160 review

Had a great experience at the 160 driving academy. Joe the class room teacher was a big help when I needed anything. The yard instructors were awesome and very helpful. Russel is great at teaching safety along with tony. Jennifer has a great way of teaching how to do a 90 turn. Also James was a big help on doing in-cab and pre trip. Parish helped me out on the road. Lawrence and Gerald were helpful with anything I needed to learn whether it was pre trip or learning driving maneuvers. Angel did awesome job at teaching me offset. TONY is awesome at teaching on the road. Luis was helpful with one on one time. Frank did a great job making sure everything was done properly in his yard! Loved the experience and thanks again!