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Florence 160

From the beginning the staff was very upfront and direct with their instructions and what we needed to accomplish each day. Staff was helpful and treated us with respect guiding me to “One and Done!!” I appreciate their guidance and the friendships we developed. Thank you Florence 160 Driving Academy

Great School

160 is a very good school. They work with you and help you along the way. I recommend them


I walked into this school an Accountant and walked out a Confident CDL Graduate and FEMALE Trucker!! Mrs. Julie Mensching was my continuous catalyst and support system from DAY 1 - Mrs. Julie answered all of my questions, texts, emails, phone calls, & seemed to be awake 24 hrs a day!! She's resourceful, Encouraging, PROFESSIONAL, Thoughtful, Trustworthy, Witty, exciting to work with & a SUPERB Branch Manager that never let anything slip through the cracks with students. She is her own Personal Assistant!! ENROLLMENT PROCESS - 10 STARS CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE - 10 STARS PROFESSIONALISM OF STAFF - 10 STARS YARD INSTRUCTORS - 10 STARS ORGANIZATION OF CURRICULUM & YARD TRAINING - 10 STARS COMFORTABILITY OF STUDENTS - 10 STARS *WEATHER WHILE ENROLLED - 0 STARS (It was FREEZING!!) LOL **The classroom learning environment was spacious, clean, comfortable, well-lit, & stress free. Easy to concentrate & communication with instructors was awesome! I truly learned there are no DUMB questions because all of mine were answered without prejudice. ** The YARD TRAINING is where I wanted to faint a thousand times, HOWEVER, the instructors did not allow me to do that! I exhibited every emotion known to man including tears and it didn't faze any of my instructors. They all were passionate, caring, sympathetic, but REFUSED to let me give up. The instructors were like drill sergeants at times to instill in students the importance of SAFETY & PERSEVERANCE which is key in Trucking - I respect that 1,000% The instructors work one-on-one with students to perfect any problem areas until they get it right!! The student trailers were a warm safe place to take a break, warm up, brainstorm with fellow students & watch instructional videos. OVERALL - I highly recommend 160 Driving Academy for obtaining your CDL and New Career. I've learned valuable information and met a diverse group of people who genuinely care! 160 is my 1st Trucking Family & I'll never forget this experience! THANK YOU 160 STAFF!! :-)

Great management

I had a great time doing it and also learned a lot and the instructor was very kind and knowledgeable and Keri is the best

Great Training

I enjoyed this training. Everyone was very helpful, from the enrollment to the state exam! I came into this school knowing very little about truck driving, and learned a lot and became proficient and confident in my newly learned skills! This was great training and very informative!

Great team

From beginning to end,staff treated me with respect ,they were very patient and understanding,and made sure that you were prepared for road test with the state,unfortunately some people wanted them to hold their hand but they weren’t even willing to entend it to the instructors them,like any thing ,you get out what you put in, clay and cliff were awesome,and Jayden is a sweetheart

Made getting a CDL a breeze

My instructors were Dean, KD, Andy and J Mac and they made my experience at 160 an easy one with their coaching i was able to become an excellent truck driver and pass my test in one try. I will recommend them to others.

Great CDL school

160 driving academy was a great academy for the price most of my experience has been really smooth, all of the yard and classroom instructors have been very well. Eric, Dre, Mike, Doc, Bill, Bob all have been phenomenal, they all get you well prepared for your test. They might be a little hard on you sometimes but they all want you to pass your test. If you do it exactly as they say you will have no problem on the maneuver or the road test.


Was very good. All instructors are very knowledgeable and explained everything so you could understand how to do it right

Great School

All the Instructors were great! They really helped me get through the program.