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Great Experience, Got My CDL!!

I had the best experience at 160 driving academy Pearland location. The instructors are incredible, very patient and do everything in their power to set you up for success. Joe, Mr. Nate & J.D took me under their wing & gave me the tools & motivation I needed to achieve my long time goal of getting my CDL. I’d recommend this program to anybody who’s looking to getting their CDL, you guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for everything! #160DrivingAcademy

Great experience

I had Dave and Zach as my instructors and I learned so much from them. They both showed great knowledge and we’re both very easy to learn from. Passed on my first attempt because of the consistent focused training that I had that 160 provides. Again, thanks to Dave and Zach as well as everyone at the yard and classroom that helped me pass.


Hi my experience at 160Driving Academy was off the chains all the instructor were very attentive and paid attention to the finer points of teaching and they were all different mostly in their approach to me personally Joe was easygoing and to the point but if you broke a rule like driving across the yard he’s let you know, Meanwhile Mark was strait to the point no nonsense kinda guy. Jordan is easygoing but to the point. Tony’s like an encouraging big brother. Jimmy takes care of the whole situation he’s the real quiet one that will put you on the right track if you fall off. And so with that kinda field of professional instructors how can a student fail. There’s no failure here, let talk about Tiname Bond who runs the office she’s the one who actually makes sure the recruitment easy with all the right help and info need for a new studen like me to feel very comfortable in making my decision to sign up160 Drivng academy and I’m thankful for her assistance overall I rate 160 ACADEMY at the very Top. Thank you 160 D A yours truely Gary Pine


160 driving academy was a great choice the trainers are great there will push to to get your cdl I had a excellent time there

Got It!

I want to say thanks to Sara, officer manager, for the school. She gave lots of info and always seemed 100% invested in my dream of getting my CDL. Although I wish they had new classes bi-weekly to give each class ample opportunity to do maneuvers as well as driving the instructors gave their all. Shout out to Ms T and Mr Hughes! I enjoyed working with Dennis and John as well but Mr Hughes will always make me think of safety first and I hope I never forget his training, his wisdom and his support when we were out with him. I got that dang thing and they were the reason why. Thanks 160!

160 Driving A.

My time with 160 was nothing short of a great experience. Warren, Jack and Preston where excellent teachers with a lot of patience. Wouldn't change a thing about my experience there!

Got my CDL!!!

The program made it very easy to remember the steps needed to take in order to get my cdl. I was thinking about going back to automatic, thinking manual was too difficult. That was until Bryan the manual instructor said give me two days and youll be more confident with shifting gears. a week after that conversation i passed my test and got my CDL! THANKS 160!!!

Awesome staff and instructors

Cds staff were very attentive to my individual needs. Very flexible schedule, and an amazing environment to learn in. I recommend this school for anyone looking to earn a cdl.

Great team of leadership

I’ve had a CDL for 10 years in the past, my company sent me to 160 to get my license again and I learned things about the trucking industry and being a safer driver out in the road that I didn’t know about. The trainers there are very experienced and are there to help you succeed in your goal of getting you CDL. Their experience has changed the way I look at the commercial driver experience. Go check them out!!

Awesome instructors

The instructors at the Saint Cloud mn location are amazing there patient and knowledgeable in what they teach. The downside for me was there isn’t enough time to learn to drive a manual truck. And the branch manager joe is very tough to get ahold of and doesn’t communicate with you if a date changes like the start date or exam.