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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!

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Shreveport Truck Driving School
Shreveport Truck Driving School
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Tired of your old career and ready to make a lasting change? Truck driving is a rewarding profession that currently has an enormous labor shortage. While trucking may seem difficult to break into, it’s actually a straightforward process. All you need to do is pass your CDL exam and obtain your license, and you’re good to go! The best way of making this happen is by enrolling in classes at a well-known trucking driving school.

160 Driving Academy of Shreveport is the CDL school for you! Our classes are taught by world-class instructors who prioritize behind-the-wheel training. When you graduate with us, you’re guaranteed to be well educated and trained for your first job.

Our Shreveport Trucking School Takes Just 4 Weeks

At 160 Driving Academy of Shreveport, our priority is to land you a job as soon as possible! That’s why we fit all of the CDL training you need into four, 40-hour weeks. In as little as one month, you can find yourself behind the wheel making an average of $53,090 a year! The coursework at our truck drivers school is broken down into two comprehensive sections:

  • Classroom Instruction: Our experienced instructors will provide you with 40 hours of in-person classes covering everything you need to sit for your written exam.
  • Behind-the-Wheel: The other 120 hours are spent in the cab of the truck either actively driving, or observing other classmates. We take you through the yard, down residential streets, and on interstate highways so that you’re well-rounded on all road conditions.

Do You Qualify for 100% Tuition Reimbursement?

When you enroll in our truck driving school, it’s very possible that a national trucking company will sponsor 1 your education! So long as you are 21 years of age or older, are licensed to drive a car, and have no major convictions or DUIs in the last 10 years, you’re education will likely be 100% covered! On top of that, these employers will provide you with a job right after graduation.

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With hundreds of trucking jobs waiting for you, why wait? Register for classes today at 160 Driving Academy of Shreveport and start your next journey. Our industry-experienced instructors will ensure that you receive a quality education that will take your career where you want it to go.

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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!
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