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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!

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South Bend Truck Driving School
South Bend Truck Driving School
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If being a truck driver has always crossed your mind, it’s time to bring that dream to reality. At 160 Driving Academy of South Bend, we have the facility, equipment, and trained professionals to put you through truck driving school. With our comprehensive training and hands-on education, you’ll become eligible for many opportunities in a lucrative industry.

Our truck drivers’ school isn’t expensive or limited to long-distance trucking. We have the best training for commercial driving in South Bend, including for local deliveries and other specialized services. If you trust 160 Driving Academy to provide the best training in trucking, you’ll be able to attract high salaries and become more adept at maneuvering large trucks. Our headquarters is in Chicago, but our CDL schools are spread all over the United States.

Professional Trucking School in South Bend

Our trucking school is popular for its professional and comprehensive approach to learning. That’s why truckers that pass through our academy are some of the best in the industry. We use only skilled experts to run our programs. Further, you can go through our classes in only four weeks or 40 hours. If you prefer night and weekend classes due to your busy schedule, there is an additional 120 hours of learning on the wheels alongside the standard 40 hours of classroom instruction.

Our CDL training in South Bend includes driving on local and interstate roads with other students paying close attention to your driving skills. Choosing 160 Driving Academy doesn’t just open you up to amazing advantages, but you’ll enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Close Proximity to Classes: Our local classes are easy to get to. That’s one advantage we have over others in the industry. This means you won’t have to spend so much leaving South Bend to another state or lodge in hotels. Getting home won’t be any stressful.
  • Passionate Instructors: Our instructors care about making you the best driver out there. That’s why we look beyond the money to provide in-depth CDL training so that each student can excel in their career.
  • Your Choice of Jobs: Even before you graduate from our training school in South Bend, our staff work with you to find jobs that fit your skillset. As a successful new graduate, you’ll have a wide range of employers to choose from.
  • High Graduation Rate: Thanks to the high level of expertise and time our staff dedicate to each student, we have a high success and graduation rate. We’ll perfect your skills to pass all levels, including our Class C training.

Are you 21 or older and aiming to have a unique and lucrative career driving trucks? Starting with our 160 Driving Academy in South Bend is the way to go! Call now or complete our easy online form to get started with your registration. We also have more information for intending truckers on our Facebook page.

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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!
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