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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!

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Billings Truck Driving School
Billings Truck Driving School
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If you’re looking for a career opportunity that offers stability, great earning potential, and a unique experience, CDL training can open the door to new opportunities. Truck drivers are in-demand. They are the backbone of our supply chain, making it possible to get goods from manufacturers to end consumers.

160 Driving Academy has more than 100 locations across the US. We provide a path for anyone who is interested in exploring a new career in logistics. Our Billings, Montana trucking school can provide a CDL endorsement in as little as four weeks. There are more than 30,000 open jobs for truck drivers so you can build a career that fits your style.

Our Billings Truck Driving School Opens the Door to Many Career Paths

The trucking industry is probably a lot more diverse than you realize. As a driver, you can choose between traditional employment with a guaranteed payroll check, contractor positions for dedicated routes, and owner-operator work that gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Here is a look at the different opportunities for driving a truck:

  • Dry Van Drivers
  • Tanker Drivers
  • Automotive Haulers
  • Refrigerated Freight Drivers
  • Flat-Bed Truck Drivers
  • LTL Freight Drivers
  • Local, Short-Run Drivers
  • Over-the-Road/Long-Haul Drivers
  • Oversized Load Drivers
  • Oversized Load Fleet Support Drivers
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Dedicated Route Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Agriculture Harvest Haulers
  • Livestock Haulers

Benefits of Completing Truck Driving School in Billings

The program at 160 Driving School in Billings provides 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of behind-the-wheel training to prepare you for earning new CDL endorsements. Even a base CDL opens the door to new opportunities and those who already have a CDL can add the ability to transport oversized loads or hazardous materials and increase their earning potential.

The key benefits of our truck drivers school program include:

  • Higher Salaries
  • Better Job Opportunities

Learn More about CDL School with 160 Driving Academy

Landing a job as a truck driver requires a CDL and some experience behind the wheel of a big rig. 160 Driving Academy in Montana provides an affordable way to get the credentials that you need for a lucrative career in the trucking industry. Our Billings truck driver school is one of more than 100 locations we operate across the US. Fill out a form online to take the first steps towards enrollment today.

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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!
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