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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!

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El Paso Truck Driving School
El Paso Truck Driving School
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Are you ready to put your career into high gear? If you’re tired of your current position and are looking for a career change that’s both rewarding and exciting, 160 Driving Academy of El Paso has an excellent opportunity for you.

Truck drivers have never been in higher demand than they are now. With supply chain issues, logistical challenges, and a shrinking workforce, truck drivers have become the backbone of this country—delivering goods and keeping the supply chain rolling.

Our truck driving school I widely renowned as one of the best in the nation, and we make sure that you’re fully prepared to hit the open road. El Paso CDL school is an excellent way to enhance your life. Ready to shift up?

By attending the Southwest’s top trucking school, you’ll get to experience all of the following:

  • Truck Driving Classes
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Wide Range of Trucking Careers

160 Driving Academy of El Paso Elevating Your Career

Our truck driving classes are designed to get you on the road; armed will all of the knowledge you’ll need. Over a four-week training course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of driving a class A truck. The classroom instruction portion of our truck driver’s school will inform you how to drive a car safely and expertly, while the field instruction will put you on the road with an experienced instructor.

Enjoy Unique Benefits

High salaries, opportunities for advancement, and a unique opportunity to see the country—it doesn’t get much better than that! Trucking school graduates earn an average of $55,990 a year, and specialized drivers will earn more.

Not all jobs have such great opportunities for advancement. With your CDL license, the sky is the limit. The more load you’re willing to take, the more you’ll get paid.

Most people that have office jobs won’t ever have the opportunity to see all the wonders of this beautiful country. When you finish your driving classes at 160 Driving Academy of El Paso, you’ll have the unique ability to travel all over the United States of America.

Massive Variety of Trucking Jobs

Ranging from regular CDL, Hazmat transportation to specialized drivers—there’s a trucking job that will fit into your style. With a CDL license from 160 Driving Academy El Paso, you’ll be indeed in control of your career.

Jump Start Your Career Today

160 Driving Academy in El Paso is your ticket to achieving a fat, rewarding career. With an efficient program, excellent benefits, and a wide variety of jobs—earning your CDL license might be easier than you thought.

Give us a call today to learn more about enrolling in one of our truck driving programs.

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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!
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