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Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!

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Charlotte Truck Driving School
Charlotte Truck Driving School
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Wondering if a career in commercial driving is right for you? Many graduates of 160 Driving Academy also asked themselves this question before enrolling in our CDL training courses—and today they work in high-demand, high-growth careers with average starting salaries of $55,990* per year and more.

The bottom line?

If you’re feeling stuck in a job that’s going nowhere fast, you have nothing to lose by enrolling in our Charlotte truck driving school. Many of our students qualify for company tuition sponsorship 1, meaning that a major trucking company will sponsor 1 your tuition and assist with job placement after graduation. Through this program, you could start your new career free from educational debt—just by working hard in class and passing your CDL exam!

Truck Driving School in Charlotte

160 Driving Academy is one of the largest CDL training institutions in the entire country, and our Charlotte location is held to the same high standards as every local school we operate. We run our truck driving classes differently than many other schools, as we focus first and foremost on the success of our students.

Here are just a few reasons that students choose our truck driving school in Charlotte:

  • Individualized Attention: We offer an efficient teacher to student ratio, so we can provide every student with personalized instruction.
  • Great Instructors: Our teachers are experienced and knowledgeable, and they genuinely care about helping you find success.
  • Comprehensive Training: You’ll spend a total of four weeks with us, one of which is in the classroom and three of which are on the road. Supervised driving under many different conditions will give you the confidence you need.
  • Convenient Classes: We have night and weekday classes available, along with many locations so you won’t have to commute.

At 160 Driving Academy, you can embark on a new career with virtually unlimited growth potential—all in just four weeks and potentially with no upfront cost to you. Find out more about our Charlotte school by giving us a call today! You can also sign up for more details by filling out our registration form now.

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160 Driving Academy - Charlotte Location

Charlotte Truck Driving School

4830 Hovis Rd
Charlotte, NC 28208
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Monday-Friday: 8a-430p

(704) 228-4176

Accelerate Your Earnings with a CDL in just 4 Weeks!
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