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160 Driving Academy - Trenton Location

Trenton Truck Driving School

448 Whitehead Road, Building 1
Trenton, NJ 08619
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(609) 385-0044

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Krystina Daniels
Krystina Daniels
School Manager

As the leading truck driving school in the US, we have over 25 school throughout the Midwest and East Coast, providing truck drivers all over to get certified in the industry. scattered throughout the region.

For thousands of people across the country, commercial driver’s license(CDL) certification is the key to a profitable long-term career. If you’re ready to stop job-hopping and start a new career in a high-demand field, start by contacting 160 Driving Academy today! Through our team of world-class instructors, our Trenton truck driving school has put countless graduates on the path toward career opportunity and growth.

Business/School License Number: #000312