We Prepare You for a Career in a Growing Industry
As a CDL holder, you’ll be in demand for Oceanside jobs with starting salaries as high as $60,000 a year.
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Oceanside Truck Driving School

Truck Driving Careers

Starting salaries for 160 Driving Academy graduates on average start at $50,340* per year, with tremendous growth potential.

Be In-Demand

Commercial truck driving is one of today's fastest growing career paths, estimates predict 575,000+ new jobs for CDL holders.

Travel the USA

As a commercial truck driver, you'll travel the country and see exciting new places, while delivering the goods that keep our nation running.

Earn Respect

We place you on the road to success. 160 Driving Academy graduates qualify for the highest-paid positions with the best companies.

Are you looking for a well-paying career that you can begin in just four weeks? The need for truck drivers continues to grow, and experts say there will soon be 575,000 new jobs for CDL holders. 160 Driving Academy will prepare you to step into one of those rewarding positions.

The average starting salary of our Oceanside truck driving school graduates is $50,340*, but some start as high as $60,000—and there is tremendous room for growth.

A low teacher-to-student ratio means that you’ll get the individual attention you need to succeed, and our impressively high graduation rate is a testament to that. Your success is our success, so the instructors at our Oceanside truck drivers’ school do what they can to help you hone your skills, pass the CDL test, and gain the confidence you need behind the wheel.

Oceanside Trucking School

Did you know that most of our students don’t pay tuition? The majority of the students at our trucking school are sponsored by a company that wants to hire them immediately upon graduation. If you qualify, you can attend 160 Driving Academy without having to pay the tuition.

To qualify for sponsorship you must:

  • Be Between at Least 21 Years Old
  • Have a Valid Driver’s License
  • Have No DUIs, Felonies, or Drug Convictions in the Last 10 Years

In the case that you don’t qualify, we have simple payment plans that make it easier to budget for the tuition at our school for truckers.

Take the First Step Toward a Rewarding Career

Whether you’re looking for your first career or it’s time for a change, 160 Driving Academy will set you on a path towards success and qualify you to step into an industry that will continue to grow, making you an in-demand worker. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form now to get started.
Learn everything you need to step into a high-paying trucking job. Our Oceanside truck driving school qualifies you and gives you the confidence you need to get behind the wheel. Contact us today to get started.