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We help students prepare for a high-paying job in the trucking industry.
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New Orleans Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Careers

Starting salaries for 160 Driving Academy graduates on average start at $50,340* per year, with tremendous growth potential.

Be In-Demand

Commercial truck driving is one of today's fastest growing career paths, estimates predict 575,000+ new jobs for CDL holders.

Travel the USA

As a commercial truck driver, you'll travel the country and see exciting new places, while delivering the goods that keep our nation running.

Earn Respect

We place you on the road to success. 160 Driving Academy graduates qualify for the highest-paid positions with the best companies.

Not all jobs are created equal. New Orleans truck driving jobs can be some of the most rewarding out there in terms of both money and interest levels. At 160 Driving Academy, we prepare students for a high-paying career in the trucking industry that also allows them to travel the country.

New Orleans truck driver jobs are abundant, just as they are in other parts of the nation. In fact, there are over 50,000 jobs open for truckers countrywide. When you consider the fact that our students earn an average of around $47,000 through their first job upon graduation, you’ll quickly see why we’re the largest trucking institution in the United States!

Essential Preparation for New Orleans CDL Careers

CDL careers are not as simple as driving a vehicle just like you would your family’s car. No, a CDL career takes lots of preparation both on the road and in the classroom.

Our skilled instructors make sure to teach you the essentials of truck driving, and you’ll receive four full weeks of:

  • Classroom Training: Don’t make the mistake of assuming laws are the same for operating a big truck as they are for your personal vehicle. There are a lot more rules and regulations you’ll need to follow pulling so much weight behind you, which is why we spend a week in the classroom.
  • Behind-the-Wheel Instruction: There’s only so much you can learn from a book. That’s why we make sure you get plenty of observation time to see your instructor drive a truck. And, of course, you’ll get your own chance to get a feel for driving a truck on city streets and on the highway.

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