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Fargo Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Careers

Salaries for CDL drivers on average are $55,990* per year, with tremendous growth potential.

Be In-Demand

Commercial truck driving is one of today's fastest growing career paths, estimates predict 575,000+ new jobs for CDL holders.

Travel the USA

As a commercial truck driver, you'll travel the country and see exciting new places, while delivering the goods that keep our nation running.

Earn Respect

We place you on the road to success. 160 Driving Academy graduates qualify for the highest-paid positions with the best companies.

For many years, commercial truck driving has been a career that many people have turned to get some great earnings. Today, it is one of the fastest growing careers because of the fact that you can begin earning a decent living shortly after getting a CDL license along with other benefits that some careers might not provide. That is why, if you are interested in CDL jobs, then you should consider enrolling at 160 Driving Academy of Fargo!

Fargo CDL Careers

There are many trucking companies that are offering truck driving jobs for drivers who have a CDL license. This presents many options for truck drivers to choose from to make sure they get the best earnings possible. Truck driver jobs can pay pretty well, which is why 160 Driving Academy of Fargo offers quality truck driving courses with low upfront cost so you can get one step closer to earning your CDL license. There are many reasons to consider a career as a truck driver such as:

  • Amazing Job Availability: As a commercial truck driver, you won’t have to worry about being out of a job. There are many trucking companies everyday who are looking for CDL-licensed truck drivers to transport a wide range of items.
  • Impressive Earnings Potential: As a graduate of 160 Driving Academy of Fargo, you can potentially earn$55,990 starting out, and that can go up as you become more experienced and start providing specialized deliveries, such as HAZMAT deliveries.
  • Great Traveling Opportunities: When it comes to benefits, it is hard to top the ability to travel all across the country without spending a penny. Being a commercial truck driver, you will be transporting goods for companies from one city to the next, which can include visits to different states.

Begin Your Career As A Truck Driver

In just 4 weeks and with 160 hours of classroom and on-the-field truck driving training, you can begin a career as a truck driver and start having access to a wide range of truck driver jobs. Contact 160 Driving Academy of Fargo today to learn more about our courses and programs and fill out our online form to register.