Are you looking to hire new employees at your company? Is your company getting busier now that the country is reopening, and you are struggling to find enough drivers? You are in luck, now is the perfect time to hire new truck drivers. According to Business Insider, 88,300 truck drivers lost their job in April due to the pandemic. This means that there are thousands of new and experienced drivers looking for a job. There is also an expected increase of individuals planning to get their CDL over the next few months. The huge unemployment spike means that people who lost their job will be looking for a new career, and their new career very well might be in the trucking industry.

There are thousands of unfilled trucking jobs which means that it is a very lucrative industry to get started in. Truck driving is a very appealing job for people who are unemployed because they are able to attend school for as little as four weeks, test for their CDL, and start applying for open jobs like yours! The country is starting to open up and people are eager to start their new career. There is no better time than right now to hire new drivers!