over-the-road trucking classes

Our culture romanticizes the job of over-the-road trucking. Many of us have memories of traveling in the family car across the country and sharing the road with big rigs. Many of us remember looking out the window at the truck driver and signaling for them to blow their horn. And of course, with our smiling faces looking at them, it’s hard for them to refuse.

There is a certain level of freedom associated with over-the-road truck driving, otherwise known as interstate or long-haul trucking. But to have that sense of freedom takes responsibility, and that responsibility comes about with over-the-road truck driving training.

Over the Road Truck Drivers Are in Demand

With free trade being supported all over North America, there are plenty of opportunities for over-the-road truck driving jobs. There is a shortage of excellent drivers, so those who go complete long-haul truck driving training will have a tremendous advantage. However, you have to be willing to put in the work to reap the benefits of that commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Our over-the-road truck driving classes are intensive and comprehensive, with much information to be learned in a short amount of time (many schools have four to six weeks of training). Long-haul trucks, also known as rigs, are powerful, heavy machines that take extra training to master. And often you have to learn some different state and federal highway regulations in order to be an effective over-the-road truck driver.

Get Your Training & License from 160 Driving Academy

The training provided to you at 160 Driving Academy can be vital in helping you get licensed in Illinois or any of its several neighboring states. You are put through 40 hours of intense classroom instruction and another 120 hours of practice behind the wheel of a rig before you are ready to pass the CDL exam. For a month, this training becomes your full-time job. But one benefit is that many trucking companies are so short on drivers that they may offer you a strong first-year salary AND pay for your over-the-road trucking training tuition.

For more information about over-the-road trucking jobs and driver training, check out 160 Driving Academy in Illinois. Give us a call or register for classes through our online form!