No matter where you are driving, it seems like there is always construction work being done on the roads.  Short of leaving extra time to get to your destination though, it often seems like there is not much else you can do to help construction season driving be any easier.

Keep up to date. Whether you keep up to date with the changing traffic conditions by watching the nightly news, listening to the radio or simply being mindful of the posted signage, being aware of the changing traffic conditions can go a long way in preventing that early morning stress of running into an extra half hour of construction traffic.

Stay safe. Construction zones have a much higher rate of car crashes than on the open road.  Keep your eyes peeled for changing traffic patterns as well as the drivers around you to ensure that you are protected.

Avoid lane changing.  On that long commute many of us have seen the lane next to us seemingly speed by while we crawl along, and we eagerly await our chance to get in that lane. Not only are lane changes often not permitted in construction zones, but often they increase you chance of a collision and do little to speed up your commute.