So you’re looking to become a commercial truck driver, but aren’t sure which company to train with? For the students who have chosen 160 Driving Academy, there was no question—and no regrets!

Brandon B. left a glowing review: “Well, today I graduated 160. All around best school ever! I learned a lot in 4 weeks and passed all of my tests! Excellent, from the office to the yard. Big thank you to Stan at the Crest Hill/Joliet school—couldn’t have done it without you, big guy! Thanks to all of the 160 staff.”

And Brandon B. isn’t the only one to have loved his experience with 160 Driving Academy. There are pages of similar reviews on our website that speak to our students’ great experiences. Kathleen L. said, “The instructors are great. I learned so much from their years of experiences. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious in taking the first step toward an advantageous career.”

After all, creating career opportunities for our students is one of 160’s greatest strengths. Graduates from our program are on the road to jobs with starting salaries of at least $50,340, and some as high as $60,000 per year, with tremendous growth potential. In addition to competitive salaries, graduates are in high-demand, meaning you can work with some of the best companies in the industry.

Begin a great career, travel the country and work with top-tier companies when you graduate from 160 Driving School’s comprehensive training. What are you waiting for?

Call 160 Driving Academy today to learn more about our classes, locations and how you can qualify to get your training completely paid for!