When over the road driving jobs is your career, it’s often difficult to find the time to go outside and smell the flowers. While truck driving training is our livelihood at 160 Driving Academy, we also love to provide our graduates with the knowledge to help them make the most out of their newfound, stable career. If you’re feeling the summertime sadness, check out list of some of the most beautiful drives in the U.S.! Carve out a path to drive through these scenic roads and get a relaxing drive in while you work!

Patchword Parkway, Utah
Delve deep into history by driving along this ancient road once used by Native Americans and then the pioneers. Historic towns and sites dot this 51 mile stretch of road and with a number of beautiful peaks and viewpoints overlooking lava fields, canyons, and lakes that you won’t want to miss!

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Teetering on the edge of dramatic cliffs and beautiful ocean views, the PCH is best taken in spring and in the early summer months to get the full dazzling panoramic view when speeding by. However, be sure to take your turns slowly as the road has many sharp turns with steep drops—a major danger for truck drivers.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana
With a name like that, how could you not want to take this short 52-mile stretch for a test drive? Cutting through Glacier National Park, the road passes through a wide range of landscapes from valleys, tundra, forest, and lakes where you can see actual glaciers drifting slowly by. This road is only open from June through early fall.

San Juan Skyway, Colorado

233 miles through the lush San Juan National Forest is a “road to the sky.” Get views of beautiful white alpine forests and snowcapped mountains in the winter and endless fields of wildflowers and mountain waterfalls in the spring and summer. You can’t go wrong with this 5-hour nature drive.

Finger Lakes Region, New York
Lush vineyards, dazzling trees, and of course the chain of 11 lakes that make up The Finger Lakes, makes this drive a beautiful setting in the spring and fall. With quaint towns, non-industrial farmland, and lakefront homes, the rustic views here are an instant pleaser for all drivers.

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