Being a truck driver has some great perks—you can see the country, aren’t tied to an office and have great opportunities for growth and advancement. However, spending so much time on highways also increases the risk for crashes, wrecks and other driving incidents. For this reason, 160 Driving Academy is focused on keeping the roads safe and always stressing the importance of staying alert and careful of your surroundings. Our student are provided extensive truck driving training. Here, our expert team has come up with our top tips to make sure that you keep yourself—and other drivers!—safe while on the road.

1. Watch Your Blind Spots
Because some motorists are not aware of many of a large truck’s blind spots, they may drive dangerously close or in “no zones,” which include:

  • To the side of the truck, just in front of the cab
  • Behind the side mirrors
  • Directly behind the truck

This can become frustrating at times, but it’s important to be diligent when checking these areas before changing lanes or maintaining a safe distance from other drivers on the road.

2. Maintain Your Truck

Making sure that your truck is in perfect working order is a pivotal part of maintaining safe driving conditions for yourself and those around you. Be sure and do a thorough check each morning or before each drive to make sure all of the essentials are in good condition (fluid levels, mirrors, horn, tires, etc.). Also be sure and pay special attention to the brakes, as they are extremely important, given the weight of a truck. If you believe that anything needs work or seems unusual, have the issue addressed before driving.

3. Maintain Yourself!

While having a well-maintained truck is important, making sure that the person behind the wheel also makes a world of difference in the safety and security of your drive. Be sure and get enough sleep, eat as healthy as possible and make time for regular exercise. Being alert and energized will make any drive better!

For even more tips and tricks for safe driving, or to learn how you can start your career as a truck driver, call the experts at 160 Driving Academy today!