Being healthier as a truck driver doesn’t need to be a painstakingly detailed or time-consuming affair. A few simple changes to your routine can greatly decrease your risk of diabetes, stress levels, and unhealthy fats. From managing your food, fixing your back pain, and getting a restful sleep, 160 Driving Academy has the tips to help you be a healthier, more alert, and happier truck driver.

Healthy snacks


1. Smaller portions, more often.-Small, snack-like portions over the course of a day mean that you’re constantly feeding your metabolism. Even if you don’t eat five small meals a day, simply shrinking your regular meal size will help drop excess fat. And don’t miss breakfast!

2. Replace, replace, replace-There are always healthier alternatives. Replace processed chips and fatty snacks with dried fruit, nuts, oat bars to inject your body with healthy fats, cholesterol-lowering fibers, and essential vitamins. Switch sodas to juice or cold, fruit teas instead, although water would be your healthiest option.

3. You are what you eat-Heavy foods with carbs, sugars, and fats will make you groggy and build up in your body as unhealthy fats. Opt for fresher foods by making your own deli sandwiches and salads to save money, give you energy, and avoid feeling sluggish.

Truck driver outside


1. Sit up straight-Bad posture is a leading cause of back problems for truck drivers. Pull the back of your seat forward to help you keep a straight back and make sure your shoulders not slouched.

2. Strength helps in more ways than one-Increased muscle mass helps you burn fat. Buy some free weights or look into gym memberships with locations across the country to help you strengthen your body and particularly your lower back muscles.

3. Fresh air-Being outside not only lifts your mood but can help your body too. Simply taking a walk, jog, stretch, or hike outdoors gets your blood flowing and your endorphins moving.


1. Don’t indulge before bed-Alcohols can cause dehydration, restless sleeps, and actually cause you to wake. Drinks with caffeine will prevent you from falling asleep, and while fatty foods can make you sleepy, your body won’t metabolize it, causing bloat and fat deposits.

2. Into darkness-Use sunglasses or bandannas to shade your eyes during naps and use earplugs to shut out distracting sounds that may wake you before you’re ready.

3. Prepare mentally-Avoid stimulating activities like watching TV, surfing the web, and playing phone games. Get relaxed by meditating, reading a book, or doing some light stretching 15 minutes before bed.


1. You’re more than just a trucker- Stimulate your brain and lower stress by taking a hobby with you. Whether it’s photography, fishing, or playing the guitar, a mental break with something you love can greatly reduce anxiety.

2. Keep in touch-Despite long hours, keep in touch with family, friends, and loved ones. Create a phone schedule so you can look forward to a conversation without worrying about calling during an inopportune time.

3. Meditate-Simply taking some time to sit outside or on a bed to reflect is enough to calm yourself and help you keep your mind in tune with your body.

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