I-80 Truck Stop

Not all truck stops are created equal. While they all aim to serve the same general purposes (a place to rest, fuel up, eat, or stretch out for a bit), there are some truck stops that are a notch above the rest. Here, we make a list of the some of the best stops around the country. Be sure and add these to your driving itinerary—you won’t be sorry!

1.The Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The world’s largest truck stop can be found off of I-80, on exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa and boasts a range of amenities, including fast food options, a theater, barber shop, laundromat, museum and store, dentist and even a dog groomer, this stop has it all!

2.  Alamo Plaza

Located at Exit 21 off of I-80, this Sparks, NV truck stop has more than 20 acres of parking—not to mention 260 slot machines! It is NV, after all, and this stop is no exception to the state’s love of gambling. Besides the slot machines, there are also blackjack tables and Keno where you can try your hand at winning big!

3.  South of the Border

In Dillon, South Carolina, located off of I-95 lies “South of the Border,” or simply “The Border” for short. With six different restaurants and the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the United States, this stop is definitely one to remember. It also has Pedroland, an amusement park with ferris wheel, mini golf, and an arcade as well as an inn and campground if you need to take an overnight break from driving.

4.  Little America

A far cry from a small ‘rest stop,’ Little America is a grand-scale resort that has everything a truck driver could need: lounges, showers, laundry, service stations as well as added benefits like shopping and luxury hotel accommodations. Located at Exit 198, off I-40 in Flagstaff, AZ, this is one stop you’ll want to take full advantage of.

5.  Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center

Hailed by FOX Travel Channel as the “World’s Classiest Truck Stop,” this impressive stop off of I-5 in Portland, Oregon has the Portlander Inn, with 100 rooms for overnight stays as well as a restaurant, convenience store and 80-seat moving theater. It also has a lounge complete with pool tables, dance lessons video poker and even live music on weekends.

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