While you probably hear a great deal about unemployment in the media, one group of unemployed people barely receives any recognition – unemployed veterans. Though veterans gain skills in the military that are useful in civilian jobs, many of our former service members struggle to find work when they return home. At 160 Driving Academy, we believe that anyone who has served our country deserves a decent job, which is why we participate in the Hiring Our Heroes program.

Hiring Our Heroes helps transitioning service members, veterans and their spouses find employment after leaving the military. This program is not-for-profit and is run by veterans, which means that new veterans receive quality advice from mentors who have faced the same challenges as they have. In addition to providing group and one-on-one training, Hiring Our Heroes also refers new vets to companies that value their service and are eager to offer them jobs.

160 Driving Academy works closely with Hiring Our Heroes, and we’re always looking for qualified new veterans who want to jump start their careers. There are many benefits for veterans who decide to attend our trucking school, including:

  • Earning a CDL Class A License only takes 4 weeks with 160!
  • After graduation, you’ll be qualified for jobs with major trucking companies.
  • Salaries start at $50,340.

We strongly believe that our heroes should never have to struggle to find employment. Call 160 today to begin, and one of our friendly representatives will give you the one-on-one assistance you deserve. The next great move in your career starts here!