In just four short weeks, 160 Driving Academy can help you put your career in motion.  Your CDL license could be the next step you’ve been waiting for you to propel your career forward.  Trucking companies are always in need of qualified and well-educated drivers, and with 160 Driving Academy, that could be you!

With convenient locations all throughout the state of Illinois, you are able to skip the hassle of hotel living while obtaining your CDL license.  Most trucking schools do not have multiple locations to choose from , forcing you to relocate to a new location for the several weeks of the course.  160 Driving Academy has 5 different locations spread all throughout the state of Illinois, so you can be sure that a trucking school is within a short drive of your home. 

With trucking schools so close to home, you won’t have to give up the comforts of living in your own home for even a second.  Our convenient locations allow our students to commute to their classes and return home at the end of the day – with minimum interruption to their usual schedule.

Our many convenient locations also save you on extra, unforeseen costs.  Living at home, you will save all the money that would have otherwise been spent on hotel and other living costs.  Hotels can become costly, especially for a month long course, but 160 Driving Academy ensures that you don’t have to incur any other costs while obtaining your CDL.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of 160 Driving Academy?  From financial assistance to convenient locations and everything in between, we strive to help you take your career to the next step without any added stress.  Call us to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives today!