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Andre Gambrell

"He is the way."

Great School

160 Driving academy was a great especially Bensenville yard! All the instructors are great. Especially Chino definitely one of the best!! Thanks for the opportunity 160!!

Best decision ever!!!

No need to write a full paragraph. If you want to go to a CDL school look no further. From the branch manager to the instructor everyone is knowledgeable and their goal is to get you on the road.

CDL classroom training

Andre Gambrell is a great online instructure. It is hard to handle so many people in an online setting. He had around 150 students. Andrea handled the large amount of questions as well as posiible. In the future the General Mgrs should tell their students to limit the amount of unecessary comments to keep the class moving. Andrea is knowledgable, funny and very polite.

very good trainer i would recommend him to everyome i know.

very good with the trainer that i had.

MR. ANDRE GAMBRELL is the best instructor ive ever had i have seen other instructors in other classes and man let me tell you. they suck but MR.Andre Gambrell is AWESOME he is good at teaching, he lets us ask questions he goes indepth into things if we need it he makes it simple when we need it, he serious and funny in great timing,

I AM BLESSED AND GREATFUL FOR HAVING MR>ANDRE GAMBRELL HE IS THE BEST TEACHER IN 160 ACADEMY HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you MR.Gambrell for being our teacher!!!!!! it was awesome meeting you!!!!!! GodBless you in Jesus name.

Mr. Gambrell

Mr. Gambrell is an amazing teacher. I believe without his teaching i would not have understood as clearly as i do. He is an asset to the 160 Driving Academy. Thank you Mr. Gambrell stay how u are you can really change lives out here.

Mr Gambrell

Mr Gambrell gave me the best educational experience I ever imagined having.

great learning experience!


great instructor MR Gambrell

Had an amazing week of class with a great instructor MR Andre Gambrell. The class i had with him i learnt a lot about trucking , he always kept us in good spirits and explain any questions we had thoroughly.