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160 Driving School in Rockford

Just wanted to say thank you to all my instructors at 160 driving academy. If it wasn't for their help I would have never passed . First, Scott in the office, thank you for helping me get into the school! Second, the yard instructors, They changed my life! I want to personally thank Dave, Boni, Charles, Zach, and Anthony and Joe taking the extra time. I passed the CDL test on my first try!


Today I got my CDL, I want to thank all the personal in the Lebanon PA, branch for all the support, especially to Matt Gusting for all the help and support showing me the right way to operate the manual trucks. And also to the manager Erick who's also a great person.

Awesome instructors

I just want to say that the instructors were all great. Students were supportive of each other. Thank you team 160 Driving Academy.

Great experience with 160

Great experience, knowledgeable staff, and very helpful, all the trainers were very funny and can get you where you want to be with a carrier.

Great group

Excellent group of people working at the Detriot location. Process was smooth and training was great. I would recommend this school to my friends and family.

A good experience that could have been great

Great experience with very knowledgeable instructors. The instructor manage to enlighten students on the process while keeping the experience safe and fun. For me that allowed for great retention of a lot of information given on a daily. The only negative that I can speak to has been the lack of equipment and the constant breakdown of the truck and trailers. Although that was a constant occurrence the instructor and yard supervisor did their best to keep students engaged and informed on the situation and what they where doing to correct the issue. All of those problems were above their pay grade but they were the ones who had to make the best of a poor situation. I give them all the credit for their hard work and dedication to make that site prosper. Regional and beyond need to do better to ensure the success of that location. From my prospective it seems they’re doing the opposite. The instructors and students are winning in-spite of the road blocks and that should never be the case.

Good Experience

I just graduated from the Chicago Heights location. The instructors are great, they give you back what you put in. They can be tough, but they are fair! All you have to do is put in the 100% effort, listen to the instructors, and get the work done. Thank you 160 Driving Academy, I greatly appreciate what you have done for me!!

An Excellent Experience

I found the entire staff at 160 exceptional. They each have a knack of relating to the individual that best suits that student's needs and learning ability. Joe is the best! I found everything I could hope for in 160 Driving Academy. Passed my DMV test first time with flying colors, and am confident moving forward in my new profession.

New Beginnings

I really appreciate ALL instructors and the time they took to demonstrate a personal quality learning experience. The instructors- •KEVIN teaching abilities are phenomenal!!! This guy goes up and beyond for each and every student to ensure they leave feeling satisfied with what they have learned. He teaches and adjust to each persons way of learning and lifestyle and help them to achieve success. GREAT JOB! •Ms. Debra goes up and beyond to ensure that each student learn the most important aspect of trucking….SAFETY! Ms. Debra’s demeanor is so calm and approachable to where every student feels welcomed and happy. She is very important towards this program/school with it achieving greatness. Thank u Ms. Debra. •Mr Hughes goes out of his way to pave a path for the new generation. His teachings of hazardous situations and dangerous encounters stick with each student to be aware of what’s ahead driving on the road. He breaks down elements to where he relates to each student and there way of learning. Good Job Hughes, very well appreciated. •Ms. T…. I really appreciate the time and energy you invest in each student, I’ve seen her work wonders with students, students that had no chance of passing she transformed them into success. Very approachable and humble individual. Keep up the Good work. •Instructor Dave, this gentleman is so calm and collective. Very easy going and stress free learning experience with him. He embeds confidence in everyone letting them know that no one fails. If a student does happen to fail, it’s the path toward success. I thank him for all he has done for me. • Mr. Joe, this guys makes the learning experience interesting. He challenges you with a welcoming demeanor to push you to strive for greatness. Being on learning driving exams with him, he prepares you FULLY to be prepared for a successful future. I appreciate him and the time he has invested in me as a student.BEST FOR LAST! Ms. Sara OMG! This lady works wonders, such a positive driven person! Always happy, welcoming and so approaching in the hardest of times. She is phenomenal in her duties as a branch manager. KEEP HER!!! She strives for greatness in each and every student that enrolls! Hard worker. Thank you Sara for everything.

Excellent Instructor’s

I past my CDL test yesterday 1& done and I only went to school for 4 week. I want to thank all of my Instructors at the Jacksonville Drive 160 driving academy because of all of the instructors & there knowledge I had everything I needed to know to pass my test. Thank you everyone I would recommend anyone to go to Drive 160 driving academy