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Compassionate Family

Many don’t realize how much the little things matter things like consistency compassion willingness patience… these are all fairly simple things fairly simple actions and the team at 160 academy in commerce have shown that and so much more I came to 160 as a convicted felon and Tyler Allen Keith Jason Uriah Danita Ms Jennifer And Ms Donna have gone above and beyond to ensure my success I was viewed and treated like more than just a person but I was treated like family Tyler and his team of instructors strived tirelessly to help me through maneuvers and when I struggled they provided great insight and techniques to help aid me in performing at my very best I am and will forever be grateful for the love selflessness compassion and efforts and will never forget the team at 160 and how they helped me to become something greater for my daughter and myself I’ve learned more about life people and trucking just by making the decision to attend 160 driving academy thank you Ms Jennifer thank you Ms Donna AND THANK YOU TYLER … ALLEN … URIAH … KEITH …JASON …. AND THE QUEEN OF THE YARD DANITA … I will forever see each of you as extended family THANKS FOR YOUR COMPASSION AND PATIENCE


I loved every second of it Dwane and Joe were the best intructors to have. They were very patinent! Thanks guys

I Passed !!

I Really Enjoyed the School Mark Adrian And Steve Are Amazing and Pushed Me To Succeed, All while Making Me Laugh

Great atmosphere and instructors!

160 Driving Academy was a place where you learned and was given the opportunity to practice for the CDL exam, good place to learn to drive a semi-tractor trailer.

Great Experience

The instructors Brian, Mat, and DeLaney were great! Patient and focus on helping out making the experience that much manageable and easier! Appreciate the work and patience. Keep it up!

To the Harvey Yard

This was the best decision I made in a long time .. big shout out to everyone in the Harvey yard .. Antonio L Brandon Rachel bill Bonnie both Steve’s Tim Gerald Anthony and warren .. . Couldn’t have done it without you guys . Gonna miss youse all

The best

Shout out to pat.. Justin n Frankie .. youse made the experience so great in south Holland.. if I could do it over I would … but so glad it done .. .. see youse on the road ..

So glad I came here

The best decision I made in a long time .. Julie at moraine valley is the best n always so excited to see ppl passed n graduate .. keeps up with everything. Ccouldnt of done it without her support

Great experiance

The experience was fast paced bit exciting. The instructor were great from steve, calvin, freeman, dave, ricardo. All instructors took the time to help with weakness and make sure i was ready to test out woukd recommend 1 and done Stay driven

Mama I did it!!!

Coming into the program I felt a bit nervous and a bit overwhelmed with all I had to learn. I was not sure if I would be able to learn everything I needed to in order to pass my CDL testing and get my license. I’m thankful for this program and it’s instructors as well as leaders Mrs __ Jackie and Mrs Diana whom whirled with me and encouraged me to keep moving forward and helped me to learn all I needed to and believe in myself. Thanks to this program and them I now have my CDL license and am looking forward to what is to come after this…. So don’t walk RUN to 160 driving academy!!