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I couldn't have done it without your hard work and dedication

I graduated today from 160 Driving Academy in Waukegan, Illinois. Thank you to 160 driving academy as a company for providing myself and every student these wonderful opportunities. A special thanks to Amanda in the office for running a smooth show in Waukegan. She answered all my questions and takes care of her students. Special thanks to all the instructors that made the trip to Waukegan the four weeks I attend class. Through the the below zero temps and snow you guys showed that helping us was most important. So thank you Old Man TIM from Crest Hill, and Cowboy KEVIN from Crest Hill. You guys mad it fun and comfortable while we were all behind the wheel. Thank you JEFF NORMAN from Waukegan for your help and recommendations. I want to give a BIG shout out to my man BRUCE JONES from Crest Hill. You were fun to drive with and helped in more ways then you know.(1738... Yeaaaa Baby) Your the man Big Dawg thank you for everything. Last but not least, Cesar from Waukegan. Coming in early and staying late. I couldn't have done it without your hard work and dedication. If anyone is interested in getting their CDL I highly recommend this school and this company. You will have fun, feel comfortable, and learn from the best. Hope this help make you decision. 160 over anyone out there. Rob Pluta

160 Driving Academy Review by John

My husband was instructed by Jonah in Freeport. He struggled so much with learning how to drive a semi. But his instructor didn't give up on him and he passed. He speaks of Jonah to this day and I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving my husband the guidance and education be needed to finally have a career he is proud of. Your school saved our family.

160 Driving Academy Review by dustin l.

This is a great school. Great people , great instructors especially Jeff and Caesar. They work with you and help as much as possible. They deserve the best life can offer. Thank you all so much.

160 Driving Academy Review by Scott T.

I have just attended the driving class in Moline , IL. I want to, Thank my instructor , Ray Hanqc. He was professional and very knowledgeable . Right on , Right on !!!!

160 Driving Academy Review by Lee

Yesterday I graduated from 160 Driving Academy in Champaign, IL actually my entire class graduated. This is due to the incredible team 160 has put together. Linda in the office coordinating everything, she should be your first phone call because she has plans and options I never even thought of. Sherry did an awesome job in the classroom pounding the information into our heads so we could pass the written test. Then the turned us loose into the "yard" with Brian, or maybe that's they turned Brian Bailey loose on us! Brian coordinated a driving team that got us all up to speed quickly and with humor and less stress than even I thought possible. I want to than Linda, Sherry, Brian Bailey, Brian McNear, Steve and Carlos for all of their help. Everyone brought a slightly different perspective and helped to provide a well rounded course.

160 Driving Academy Review by Ron D.

Kudos to Brian Bailey, SherryJenkins, Brian Mcnear. For bringing our class up to standards to pass the state test and for puttingup with me for 8 weeks thanks guys

160 Driving Academy Review by Kathleen L.

The instructors are great. I learned so much from their years of experience. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious in taking the first step towards an advantageous career.This is not a class for " wanta be's" but is definitely a class for " I want to succeed ."

160 Driving Academy Review by Pete S.

Here's a Big Thank You to all 3 Instructors In Champaign, Illinois. Bryan for getting us ready in the classroom for the permit, and both Sherri and Bryan Bailey for showing us the ropes out in the yard. The information provided was outstanding and the attention to detail second to none. It helped me pass my examination with flying colors and i now feel well prepared to go out into the Trucking world! Cannot forget Linda for arranging the whole thing and even making it all possible. Thanks!

160 Driving Academy Review by Leonard Y.

Brian and Brian are great instructors. They don't give up on their students, and they work with them until they get it. I appreciate all of their help and 'never give up' attitude, the information I've learned, being a part of this class and all of the information provided by Linda regarding the class prior to enrollment. Thank you guys. I feel confident of my success on Friday's test.

160 Driving Academy Review by Matthew

My original instructor was Mike but Trevor also had helped me alot. Thanks to them I completed my training for my cdl. I couldn't have asked for better teachers. The way they teach creates a stress free environment which allows us to relax and learn easier. Thanks to Cheryl also for helping me with all the paperwork to get me accepted into the school. A great bunch of people there that are helping alot of people change their lives for the better. Thanks Belleville 160 for everything.