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160 columbus

You all are awsome. You are passionate and very helpful. Wouldn't trade my instructors for anyone else. Thank you for your time and patience. Piece.


I passed!! Thats a great thing to be able to say after all the hard work you will put in, and yes like myself I know anyone can pass, Why? Dave, CB, Deb, Theresa, of St.Louis 160 Driving Academy are amazing teachers and have put in the time and effort to show me, you can do anything you put your mind to. Most importantly "Dont give up". They never gave up and allowed me to show my hard work ethic which ended up with a Class A CDL. Times are hard and they invested their time in me, and now I am able to provide a better life for myself and my family. I want to sincerely thankyou all, Deb thankyou for being there and ensuring im on the right path, CB thankyou for all the time with the off-set and parallel and pre-trip, and thankyou Theresa for showing me the 90 can be done in 1 shot, and most importantly Thankyou Dave for being like a tough dad, im so thankful that you never gave up on me and had i not listened to you, I know I wouldnt be on the right side of success. So thankyou. 160 Driving Academy and team St.ouis you gave me a career and a vision again. I have my life back thanks to you! I have spent half my life as a restaurant manager and decided to switch careers, and was scared and nervous, but it was all worth it thanks to you! Time to go make that money!!!

Can not Say Enough about 160

I actually attended another CDL school in the Chicago area and struggled to pass the final exams. I met with the people at 160 explained my situation and they offered me an opportunity to learn differently. The instructors at 160 are experienced veterans of the trucking industry. They have a structured plan that will lead to your success. I can not say enough about Greg, Antonio, Wayne, Tony, and the whole crew. If you have the determination they will show you the path to a CDL. They recognized my unique struggles and situation and I can not thank them enough. 160 is truly the BEST!

Unorganized and Dysfunctional

I did not learn a thing just how to dive a rehearsed route and freeze in the cold.


This is samuel, and I was in this school but dropped for too many hours and I just got my License through another and I couldn't have done it without the pre trip and raad training with LARRY ROETTGEN and Reckie was a help with the skills and made it easy to Remember. You're a good Instructors specially LARRY ROETTGEN. Be blessed as you continue making your company growing.

160 Driving Academy -KANSAS CITY

The website says I have to pick a location but they don't have KC as an option. Anyways... I just graduated yesterday!! I couldn't of done it without Larry, Ricki, & Leslie. They seriously are the best instructors out there. They care about their students & teach them everything they need to know to pass their test. I would highly recommend this school. Thank you & God bless. -Cassie


i quit in 2 week because Columbus site have few truck 30+ student barely get to drive a truck, in fact i drove less then 30 minute in 2 week. this site suck but i like some instructure they are nice and polite


not good there needs to be two instructers in the yard, you can't learn a thing riding around in the truck in the parking lot

My experience at 160

This is the worse School to attend. Trucks old and break down in you .You will not receive the correct traings. Minorities always come last so you will be there longer.


CR England is the best Driving Academy you could apply too.I traveled all the way from Baltimore MD. Schools in my city doesn't give you what cr English do. You get training and the best part is on the road training, I had the best trainer ever.he taught me how to handle my truck on the road.Now I'm where I want to be ,employed with CR.ENGLAND, I'VE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, There's a lot of good things to say but come on and see for yourself. If you love to drive like I do.Here is were you should 6