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great school

I saw a ad about driving trucks and saw 160 driving academy and decide to give them a call that change my life. this was a good choice i did its a good school to to get your CDL and great instructors know what they doing. thanks Chris, Russ, Francis!

CDL class

Great experience as I learned so much from the professional instructors that pushed me and taught me in clear and coherent way!

Life-changing experience.

160 driving academy in Springfield Illinois. Best instructors ever. Whole staff was polite and easy to learn from. With in 30 minutes of graduating was contacted by somebody from corporate office with over several opportunities , over the road and local . Within a day of graduating had a local job paying well.Thanks 160 Academy for a life-changing experience.

Dedicated instructors

At first it was rough because ,I wasn't getting enough time practicing on my skill test and the incap and it really felt like I was waisting my time. We had three instructors but one of them was always on the phone. Then he got fired and another instructor name Mike started teaching how to do the skill test and wow everyone was able to do the 90 the first time they tried it. Thank got for Mike for he knows how to teach and is easy to understand things if you just listened to him. I want to say thanks to jamell,Terry and the skills master Mike. God bless you guys and thank you for being patients with me and making sure I got my class A CDL. Hope to see you guys again to let you know how great I will be doing because of them 3 great teachers.


When I walked in to see my recruiter at 160 in springfield il Janie Brown I felt comfortable. She was very personable happy and positive person that answered my questions completely. I already had my clp but learned 100% more in class listening closely to Dave and his experiences he's a great teacher....and then there's my yard instructer Steve Smith ,very skilled at teaching us gear grinding transmission torturing students how to double clutch and downshift. Boy does he have patience.Steve's worth his weight in gold! Thanks so much I'm on my way!!

Great school

Great school, With great staff. Very organized and helpful with the training.

awesome instructor's

To start out with I'm still a student at the 160 rockford location. Before I came to the 160 driving academy I was a tow truck driver and then a school bus driver already with my CDL Class B with Air Brakes and my class A permit in hand, I did understand that I would have to start all over from the beginning but being in a class room with Dave Holly and all of his great knowledge that he has passed along Thank You very much Dave Holly for all that you do. now that I'm doing the lot skills and the road skills I have the utmost best instructor that anyone can ever ask for Mike from the loves park lot is a great instructor to work with I have learned so much from Mike and he is kind and takes his time with you and if you make a mistake don't fear mike is there to show you what you did wrong and how to make the nessary corrections and talk you through the maneuvers, so far I have had the experience of my life at the 160 rockford location. This has been a life long dream of mine to get my class A CDL and to drive a big rig and all of my training is because of Mike. Thank you so much for all that you do for me every day Mike I am so great full for having you as my instructor, if I could give mike 10 stars I would no questions asked. so if you are looking to drive a big rig please don't hesitate give 160 driving academy a try you will not be disappointed.

Best in the west

I graduated today from school and I can’t remember a better feeling than I have right now. My thoughts in the beginning was all over the place because I was so confused. But Bensenville has the best instructors. I had a very hard situation arise that had me out of school for almost 3 weeks. Susie the (BM) was awesome ! She reached out to me on a regular along with Stacey to make sure I was ok. They hugged and embraced me and helped me cope with everything going on in my personal life. When I returned Joe said u going all the way next week. I couldn’t believe it I didn’t think I was ready and was terrified. Well today is next week he worked the heck out of me but we did it. His firmness is what got me my CDL. He pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I’m forever grateful

Best in Class

I graduated from 160 in June of 2019, what an awesome experience. Great Instructors all around, but I was really able to connect to the Lead Instructor Mr. Scott M. He didn’t just teach me how to operate the vehicle... he helped me understand how to make it do what I wanted. I made great relationships and still keep in contact with my 160 driving school team. Im so great full for the preparation this school had given me for trucking life. Thanks Debbie, James, Scott, and Ron!!!!!

CDL Yard Training

I just recently passed my yard training and recieved my cdl's. I had great instructors. I just want give a special thanks to Lori, Duck & Jim for their time & patients. They are fantastic instructors & very understanding and detail oriented. So, thank you guys & lady (lol) for everything!!!!!