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Knowledgeable staff

I recently graduated from 160 driving academy in Springfield IL. The staff at Springfield IL was not only knowledgeable but professional as well. Heading up the classroom phase of the course was Janie Brown. Janie's positive attitude and constant encouragement helped me get through the classes easily. The driving side is taught by Steve Smith. With Steve's patience and teaching capabilities I was driving a tractor trailer combination in a short period of time. Thank you Steve and Janie for a life changing experience!

satisfied with program

Working with Joe was great he found me a grant to get the school paid for and really helped me, Jamell, Mike and terry helped me gained the knowledge I needed to get my cdl license. The program was worth my time and effort. I would recommend this program to anymore that's interested in getting their cdl license.

Highly Recommend 160 Academy!!!

160 Academy was a phenomenal experience for me. From the classroom to the yard, the instructors were very knowledgeable in every aspect. It took me only three days to pass my written exam at the DMV and then three weeks later the 1st day I was able test for my pre-trip, skill, and road test I past with flying colors. So If you are serious about getting your CDL’S first go and sign up with Romary in the office. Next you’ll be in Dave’s classroom an excellent instructor he’s going to give everything you need to pass the written exam. Here is something that stuck with me remember ( YOU ARE NOT DRIVING A VOLKSWAGEN!!!!). Lori is going to teach you how to pass pre-trip just remember to have camera phone ready on record she is going to run it down. Antonio on driving another excellent instructor. Last but not least you have your lead instructor Greg only thing I can say is (TO COOL!!!!) 160 THE BEST !!!!!!

No Regrets

Dedicated and knowledgeable staff and instructors. Not a moment went by that I felt like I was not getting enough instruction. I was adequately prepared for the learners permit and was more than prepared for the driving/skills tests. 160 Driving Academy should be the ONLY place to consider for obtaining your CDL. Money well spent! Thanks.

160 driving academy

Overall 160 was a good experience. The instructors are very easy to get along with and put in as much as you do. You really get the feel after your first week as they push you to do well. The truck yard is very nice and easy to work with and overall the trucks are good to drive. Just want to say thank you to Mark and Ceasar for putting in the time and if you ask for extra time they will work with you. Thank you Amanda for all the information on 160 and we can't forget Dave. Make sure to keep 'em clean-ish!

Thanks for helping

My review is on Mr. Joe, from the first time that i came in he was very nice and always smiled. When I started I came in with very bad back pains and he made sure that he extended a nice word when I left to make sure that I get better. When I was losing that confidence that I couldn't do this he made sure that he informed me that quitting is not an option which he mentioned when I came in to registered. I failed 3 tests back to back and I asked for a tutor he made sure that I had one within 10 minutes of that question. To sum everything up Mr. Joe is a very nice guy, helpful and understanding to ones needs dealing with this program. Keep him around

Awesome Experience

I'd like to give thanks to Joesph Suedbeck, Jamell,Michael and Terry. These four men where the glue to getting me started on the road. 160 trucking is a no non sense Academy and if you come with an attitude to get it done they will help you. Jamell, Terry, and Michael are run that Academy like a well oiled machine. I'm forever grateful and humbled by this experience. Completion by Yanova Kasiya

160 review

My experience here at the school has been phenomenal. Veronica has been such a big help. I don’t know how I would have gotten past the hoops and hurdles without her!

Great Team

The office manager Agata is fantastic, always happy and helpful. Terry, Jamell, and Mike are great instructors, each one brings something unique to learning to drive.

160 Driving Academy if the best!

1-31-2020 160 Driving Academy Crest Hill, IL To whom it may concern; I recently graduated from the 160 Driving Academy and wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I was with your academy and its staff! Changing careers at my later stage in life is nerve racking, however, 160 Driving Academy gave me the confidence and assured me I could complete the task. From the very start, the girls in the Crest Hill, Illinois office were friendly and made sure I had everything I need for class and helped me set up my Hazmat appointment. My instructor, Jeff, was very informative and helped us get through a course that had a lot of information and at times seemed overwhelming. With his help I was able to get my CLP on the first try and went on to the 160 Driving Academy, Joliet field location where I met my instructors Mark, Jim and Doc. From day one, they gave us all the information we needed to pass our final exam. We studied every day with PRE-TRIP, MANEUVERS and DRIVING. They always had tractors for us to practice in to do pre-trip, which helped tremendously! They did not babysit us, but made time for us when needed and answered all our questions. They were there early and offered to stay late if we needed extra help. I can’t say enough about the staff at 160 Driving Academy! Finally, when it came time to take my final exam, myself and two of my classmates passed on the first try! Simply put, study, do what your instructors tell you, put in the effort and you will pass! Respectfully, David Kizorek (1-30-2020 160 Driving Academy Grad)