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They are the best

Im so happy with this school they are the best on the world for me. Thank you for every body to support me.

160 will get you ready to drive

I had good instructors from the classroom to the Yard. They got me prepared to take the State exam in a short time period. Everyone was flexible to my scheduling needs and very supportive including the branch manager. Thank you all it was a very positive experience for me.


I had a really great time and experience at 160 in the classroom and on the yard. The people at both places really want you to succeed and are very helpful. I have nothing bad to say about this place at all.

Great school!

I was skeptical about getting my CDL, because I though it would be hard. But 160 driving academy made it look so easy. I don’t regret walking into the office that day. And I’m grateful that I decided to go with 160 driving academy. Everybody is so polite. So if you are looking to get your CDL, 160 driving academy it’s the place you want to go. JSA.

Best Experience ever!!

Darnell and Derrick are two of the best instructors I have ever met! I have came across a lot of talented people in my time and these two gentlemen are by far some of the best instructors that I have met! They are extremely talented in what they do, they care about your success and they help you become the best, they are leaders and mentors, I was at a point where I was unsure on if this was for me or not, I was discouraged on my own abilities and they were right there by my side to give me words of wisdom and encouragement to help me succeed. Some people come and go in our lives and we move on, these two professionals will always have a positive impact on my career going forward, I will always remember their words of wisdom and I will take the knowledge that they taught me and use it to become one of the best drivers on the road! I highly recommend 160 Driving academy, especially the Gary Indiana location! They teach from the heart and soul to help you become the best in the industry! They have set the bar extremely high and every school should have instructors that are modeled after them! Thank you guys for all that you have done and I know that anytime I need help or advice while on the road, I have two new mentors that will always guide me towards the right direction!

good teachers

glad to have gone through 160. very good instructors!

Extremely Satisfied

Happy with the service and the outcome.


i had a great time. I learned something new everyday. There was never a day when i wasnt excited to get up and go to the training yard. the instructors are a-1. shot out too jerry, lance, darrion, roxanne,jimmy thanks for your patience. shout out too biancia for getting me enrolled and thanks dan for tolerating my crazy ramblings during my road test. im going to miss this place but greater days are in my future now. thanks

Great Staff and Teachers

The Staff and Teachers are always willing to help you. They are very knowledgeable. My peers we're a delight to be around. Everyone acknowledged everyone. There were no big I’s or little u’s.

I love this school!!

160 Driving Academy in Bensenville is hands down the beat school you could go to! Marsha, Stacy, Joel, Chino, and Mark will take care of you and treat you like family! I would recommend this location to anybody who is looking for a great school that genuinely cares about you getting your CDL to drive! Thank you guys so very much and I am forever grateful for all you guys!