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Excellent Instructor

When i took the class, Mark Lewis was the instructor... He was excellent, very informative and really cared about his students.. Secretary Tiffany Church was equally as good with all the information she gave you when you signed up and answered any questions you had through out the Class...

Great school

Exceptional school, went to Minnesota branch and instructors and management are well organized. I completed my training on time and passed the test on my first trial, Prierriss Dunem and Mark were always there to help and the rest of instructions. I had the knowledge needed to pass the test on my first day.

Best group of instructors

I did passed the test with the big help from my instructors. Starting from Prieriss, Rick and Pat. I wouldn’t passed it without their help and professional approach on how to do things the right way.

CDL Class A

Good experience in the class and very good experience in the yard, the instructors are very good with training and have and excellent way of coaching students . Thank you 160 DRIVING ACADEMY

Best training i ever had

just now This company is great i struggled with another company that could not teach me how to parallel park in 4 weeks prior to attending 160 driving academy and 160 tought me how to parallel park within 2 hours. Ben and matt where very patient and nice and detailed in there instructing they made me confident when i was nervous and doubtful. I would recommend this company to anyone serious about driving commercial vehicles and getting the best training.

Overall Great Program

From my initial meeting with Galinda, I felt like I was in the right place. I gained a lot of knowledge in both the classroom portion, as well as the yard. My drive instructors were all great, especially Denise. They were patient and always pushed us to our fullest potential. 160 is definitely a program that I will be recommending to many people in the future!

Rockstar location in Moline!

The day I first started Galinda was great. She helped me tutor. Always willing to help out with a smile on her face. Denise my Instructor was very helpful and knows her stuff and is very caring. I worked with Grant as well and he is a really good Instructor as well. I would recommend 160 Driving Academy in Moline IL

What a great learning experience

So my big figures hit the submit button too fast but I couldn’t finish without talking about Mr Chris an Mr Mike’s Ass lol. What can I say about Mr Chris when riding with him prepare yourself for a relaxed conversational drive while working a manual making sure you hit every gear with the proper up and downshift. If you don’t hit your gears right away the race track will hopefully become you’re friend so that you don’t miss that’s his gift. After learning front back left right side to side for a few days an no nights you then have the great privilege to meet Mr Mike , alright alright alright relax pay attention to every sign in sight listen to his commands and you should be alright, but if you’re looking for answers and think you might get him with your trick questions he doesn’t have one insight. He is truly a great DMV tester an is there to make sure you’ve learned an are able to pass the test right. If you truly want to know how my experience was , well if you are willing or trying to reach that next level of success go to 160 Drive Academy I’m more than positive than you will love the people and their strategy. Happy New Year 2021

Great Experience

160 was a great experience for me all my instructors was great they explain every detail a trucker needed to know made me feel like I knew them forever I will never forget that experience ever!

What a great learning experience

So I must start off by saying at first I was nervous and thought is schooling for me after all of these years , then boom just like that I met a few great people who would insure me that I was in good hands like Allstate. First when you meet the lovely secretary Ms Robin you feel welcome and instantly get the feeling that she’s on your side. Second Professor that’s what I called him Mr James is a one of one. If you don’t enjoy your time or learn anything in his classroom you’re just straight up dumb. Along with being firm , humorous and sincere he gets his job done. Now when you hit the next level an go to the yard , there you will meet Mr Scott the yard god. This may comes as a surprise but , his only complaint was don’t be late. After you get to know him you’ll find that just because he keeps his game face on doesn’t mean that he’s mad all the time an don’t relate. There’s no way you can’t learn to earn when being coached by Mr.Vern. A truck is a truck is a truck. Mr ain’t nothing funny when messing with my money. If you are ever in doubt on your first , second, or third day he will definitely reassure you tomorrow’s another day an things will start to get sunny.