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160 The Great

160 was a wonderful challenging experience also the instructors are very nice and teaches very well even the recruiters are very kind & helpful overall everybody is nice and their to help you succeed once again thank you 160 driving academy for changing my life to a success


The whole staff was awesome. I’ve learned a lot about trucking since I’ve enroll at this school. I would recommend anyone who wants their CDL to attend 160 Driving Academy.

160 Experience

I had an amazing experience. My instructor Dave Simmons was by far the best instructor Ive could've had. I appreciate the time he has taken to explain everything yet be a very funny and friendly person making it that much easier to pass. I also need to thank Scott Wuebbels for staying in touch and helping trough into the yard but also answer any question or issues I had. 160 is a great school and company and I appreciate everything they have done for me in my next step in life. Thank You!

160 is the best

160 change my life forever thank you so much I really appreciate it stay focus stay off your phones and you’ll pass I highly recommend 160 driving academy for anyone who wants to get their CDL

New Location!!!!

So when my husband and I started this journey we were signed up for a different school till we found out that one was opening in Saint Cloud. We jumped on that location right away because it was more convenient for our family. Since they just opened the location we got to be the first students at the site and so we got all the things that came with the tweeks to the program. However everything turned out to be an amazing experience through it all. Joe in the classroom portion of it was AWESOME and always willing to go above and beyond to keep us happy and find the answers to the stuff he didn't know. Our yard instructors Shawn and Derrick were GREAT with all the students. Having open minds and patience for all of us really helped us. This is a FANTASTIC school and I would definitely recommend it over and over again to anyone willing to want to be a driver!!!

CDL Certified

Hello, my name is Eric Dent. I am writing to express my indebted gratitude for the way that I was taken care of from day one in pursuit of my CDL. Beginning with Ms. Lilly and onto the staff educational instructors at the Columbia campus were simply great and professional. These instructors gave me the tools from their expertise instructional driving experience of many years on the road along with their class room acumen. When I had doubt in myself and ability to excel, they kept encouraging me, they did not give up on me, and guess what, well, here I am, I am now apart of an elite club called Truckers of America. I have a commercial driver's license (HeHeHe). Again, and again, and gain, thank you, thank you, and thank you for positioning me success. And I must admit, the instructors on the yard worked with me until I got the concept and proper driving techniques to pass CDL Test. And if I can do it, anyone that has a desire for CDL can also obtain this highly coveted license. Thanks, Eric,

Great experience

If I was rating the school on the yard only it would have been 5 stars, communication could be better before you get to the yard but once you get to the yard it couldn’t be better. Steve, Cody, Paul, David, Brian, Kirk, Ricky, Reagan, Don and Ray. Sorry if I spelled any names wrong but I wanted to name them all because every one of them taught me something that not only helped me pass my test to get my CDL but will also help me be a better driver during my career. If you can’t pass your test with all the knowledge you will get from them all then you chose the wrong path. Lastly I’d like to tell Cody to hold on to the IOU cause one day I may be able to pay it but in the meantime splitter down before going back to 5th. Thank you all.

Best Experience Ever

I was impressed the very moment that I walked into the office. Shayna had everything under control, and was eager to help me. I was provided with a sponsorship to provide funding for my schooling within one week! No out of pocket cost. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and patient. This was a smooth transition in changing my career path after being laid off during Covid-19 lockdowns. I would recommend looking into attending this school for your CDL instruction. They will be there to help long after you graduate.

Great school

At 160 acadamy I enjoy every moment of learning. The instructors and other staff members were very nice and helpful.

Look no further

I came to this place not looking for a job. I already have a career. What I wanted is to achieve a other certification. From the moment I walked in I was truly impressed with the dynamics and professionalism the 160 Academy offered. I signed up with my company paying all dues and fees. I was class less than a week later thanks to Brent (office manager.) The instructors (Edd, Andrew and Donavan) are seriously ****** awesome. Their styles of teaching are quite different, but each one of them taught me EXACTLY what I needed to pass every exam from the written to the behind the wheel. Not only did I pass, but I literally aced the air brakes and pre trip which was the area I felt was my weakness. Guys and gals, if you are looking for a place to help you achieve a CDL license, this is the place. I'm proud to say I not only did I pass on my first attempt, but I performed my behind the wheel with the utmost confidence and I nailed it. This was all about business, but I truly met some great people and friends. My picture is up on the wall now and this is a real review. If you have any doubt or questions feel free to ask me at caal777@gmail.com