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Greatest driving Instructors

I love 160 Driving Academy because the instructors from the classroom theory to Practical Driving are awesome, they will find the time for 1 on 1 training, it would be dumb for you to fail a driving test after training at 160. I had no experience and after a was done in 4 weeks i was a rockstar on the road. The instructors made driving a Semi tractor trailer really fun.

160 review

My experience at 160 in Pittsburgh was very beneficial. All the instructors there were very good and very helpful in teaching me. They really cared about the progress of the students and made me better each day. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is going to cdl school. They also helped me get a job set up right after school making great money as a newbie.


Great, driving academy!!! Helped me every step of the way to help me receive my CDL permit and License!!! Awesome instructors!!! I highly recommend choosing 160 academy!!! Thank you to Glenn, tony, and vern for everything!!!

Good School

All the instructors were really help full. They know how to do their job.

Best Driving Academy

My experience at 160 was great. All the management and driving instructors are very professional and approachable. Thanks to 160 my future employment is in my hands.

Best Driving Instructors

without any bias, the instructors at 160 were so awesome it’s impossible to fail your cdl permit and driving tests. special thanks to my driving instructors Elliot, Bill, Scott and Donnie

Racist,Cheap, and You can learn more from YouTube

Very horrible my first day there the instructor for some reason had to informed me that his best friend was black I guess he told me to try to get me to feel comfortable on him making racial slurs and gestures which they made plenty another student who was also black he informed me that he told him the same thing why are you meeting students and because of their race you’re telling them that your best friend is black unprofessional and uncalled for then I noticed that it’s a very cheap school it’s not even a school it’s a open lot that they rent and have two trailers in place for office space and a lounge area if that’s what you wanna call it there are no bathrooms they use porta potty‘s no real running water It’s a Mr. John fountain that they refill with only God knows where they get the water from? The first week they have you sit in a store front that they rent inside of a small shopping center that’s about the size of a pizza shop so you can learn and hopefully get your CDL permit if the Internet stays up and running long enough for you to hear the instructor on the computer that is actually teaching the class it seems like they have the cheapest Internet that they could get not high speed at all so it constantly buffers and loses connection so you can’t even learn half the time and the next three weeks when you’re in the so-called yard this is where the instructors stand around and constantly make racial slurs about the students and their class there was a student that barely spoke English that well instead of helping him like they’re supposed to do They would say something to him that they clearly knew he didn’t understand and would walk away and makes statements like and I quote “yeah that guy is going to fail He clearly doesn’t understand what I’m saying to him nor should he be in this country” this is 2021 instead of trying to help the situation such as using a translator on your phone they looked at it like well I told him what I was supposed to tell him if he doesn’t get it it’s on him I would think to myself like he has his permit if he made it this far to understand what he had to do to get it why are you not finding other ways to teach him As the days went on I started to notice all the instructors knew each other from outside of school And if you’re all friends more than likely you have a lot in common when I would ask questions that will pertain to learning how to drive a truck their favorite answer was you have to learn that when you’re on the road that’s all they would say to me instead of teaching like they were supposed to do but when it came to other students the same questions were brought to them and the answer was completely different then my experience they also will give you a write up if you make a mistake while driving on the road to me that makes no sense the learning process consist of making mistakes I just know there are way better schools in and around Pittsburgh please look somewhere else trust me!!!!


Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value A truly amazing school like no other school. The instructors actually care about ALL their students. I wouldn't have made it anywhere else. I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone looking to get there class A or B. And special thanks to JOE , RAY , COUNTRY , MARIA, TIM and JAY THANK YOU all.

Best lessons for new drivers!

Big shoutout to everyone for giving the best teaching and pointers and key points and what to look for.so thanks joe, Maria , ray, tim, tom , jason, jeff , vIctor for the teaching and big thanks to maria and country, for Pre trip lesson and last but not leas thanks to amy for setting up everything. Few things i love the 160 drive academy in new Britain is that no one told me no everyone was willing to pass there skill and real life road experience down to me they all took there time show me over and over until I understand what i was doing they didnt give up on even i was making something so easy hard they just ket showing me and teaching me what to look for. So i thank them all and ask God to keep bless them because they all beautiful people

Would not recommend

My experience was not great, the second week of class I started driver training at the yard. Almost immediately they were short on instructors and when driving, all the students had to pile into 1 truck, that's 3 in the back and 1 driving with the instructor in the passenger seat with no A/C in July. 4 hours total all week. Then when I complained about the lack of drive time for manual transmission driving the regional manager came to the site and was very arrogant with me saying basically that's how it's done. When I went to take my state test they brought me a trailer that did not have the current inspection stickers and paperwork with it so I couldn't test with it, then the next day they brought me a 53ft trailer that I had never practiced with (I only practiced with a 48ft). I failed that test. I had to drive 2 hours both directions both days on my dime for there screw up. I eventually got my CDL. Afterwords I asked for help finding a job and someone from there job placement department called me and said he would start working on getting me a list of interested employers...that was 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard from anyone since. I have a good job driving for a local company now, but I would suggest to anyone not to wast your money at 160.