Trucking careers are in high demand and your first step to take advantage of this is to obtain your CDL permit. Required before obtaining a CDL permit, is 50 hours of classroom training. But why travel to do this when you don’t have to?

160 Driving Academy now offers online CDL training courses to get your trucking career off to a great start. With live instructors, you can complete your first week of training online! We are proud to one of the only truck driving schools to provide live training, online. During these online trucking classes you will learn all you need to prepare yourself for your CDL permit test.

Our online classes will feature:

  • Live Instructors
  • Live Interaction
  • Low Student to Instructor Ratio
  • One Week-Long Courses

The first week of classes will focus on logbook management, driving techniques and maneuvering, maintenance and repair, federal regulations and more!

Get Your CDL Permit Online

Receive the training you need to get your CDL permit, in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the below benefits:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • No Commuting
  • Tuition Reimbursement Available

Upon completion of your week-long online classroom training, you will be eligible to receive your CDL permit and complete the remaining hours of hands on, behind the wheel training at a school of your choice.160 Driving Academy can not only refer you to a school in your area but we also have the capabilities to provide travel and accommodations to one of our own schools. Our 160 Driving schools offer:

  • Full-Tuition Reimbursement
  • Job Placement Upon Graduation
  • The Tools You Need to Launch Your Career
  • High Graduation Rate

About 160 Driving Academy

160 Driving Academy is a leading truck driving school in the Midwest, with locations throughout Illinois, Michigan and more coming this year. We are proud to be highly-rate and highly-reviewed with a very high graduation rate. Check out what recent students had to say about their experience at 160.