40 Hours for 04 weeks
Frequently Asked Questions
Will 160 help me find a job?
No gimmicks. No tricks. We make getting a new job easy. By working with the top trucking companies in the U.S. who regularly recruit newly licensed truckers, we’re able to match our candidates with the best placement opportunities the industry has to offer.
How much money can I make?
The starting salary for most truck drivers is nearly $45,000, while the average salary is $54,000. There is also potential to make even more money throughout your career.
What if I can’t afford the tuition?
For those who qualify, we offer special loan programs, access to government-sponsored training assistance and even 100% tuition reimbursement. We'll help you identify your best financial option to cover your course costs. With so many options, we make sure covering tuition is nothing to worry about!
Train with the best to work with the best.
Land a job with the nation’s top trucking companies through 160.
All it takes is four weeks and you can start earning great wages and benefits, while traveling across the U.S. and transporting the goods that keep our nation running. Start training now with 160 Driving Academy to earn your CDL and start reaping these incredible benefits:
With starting salaries of nearly $45,000, 160 Driving Academy graduates earn substantial wages and benefits immediately without undergoing years of training. The average salary for commercial truck drivers is $54,000. Specialized and experienced truck drivers can make significantly more than $100,000 a year.* Most importantly, we make sure our grads actually get hired at the best trucking companies.
The trucking industry is one of the nation’s largest employers, employing 3.2 million people (10 percent of the workforce) according to the American Trucking Associations.* And its among the fastest growing and most secure industries. In fact, experts predict there’ll be more than 300,000 new jobs for CDL drivers by 2014. Training at 160 will help you stand out from the crowd and prepare you for one of these jobs. Simply put, we make getting one of these jobs easy.
Experience a career without boundaries. Truck drivers enjoy the adventure and freedom of traveling cross-country. It’s a chance to discover new places, and meet different people every day while delivering the essential goods that keep our nation going. On the flip side, we also provide regional placement opportunities that can accommodate the demands of family or other roots you may have planted. Either way, you’ll get the job that fits your needs.
Driving a commercial truck is a respectable, rewarding career with great potential. Today’s trucking operators are essential to the U.S. economy – delivering 80 percent of all commerce in the nation, according to the American Trucking Associations.* Train with the best at 160 and qualify for the highest-paid positions with the top trucking companies.
*Source: http://www.trucksbringit.com/trucksbringit.com/docs/LEfacts4x8PalmCard.pdf
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